Learnosity Overview

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What is Learnosity?

Learnosity is a powerful set of tools that make it easy to create, manage and score engaging online assessments. These tools comprise a suite of APIs, hosted sites, and the scalable infrastructure behind them to power the industry's most demanding assessment platforms.

We do this through a number of core products:


Learnosity Author

Learnosity Author comprises:

  • Author API

    • An embeddable Javascript API provide a best-in-class authoring UI and UX experience, designed to be seamlessly embedded into your own Content Management System, or into your teacher or instructor facing front end platform or Learning Management System.
  • Author Site

    • A hosted authoring platform, built on top of the Author API, designed to provide an out-of-the-box authoring experience for those who need their own internal platform for assessment content creation.


Learnosity Assessments

Learnosity Assessments comprises:

  • Items API

    • An embeddable Javascript API to provide a world-class Assessment delivery experience. Items API is designed to provide either an assessment player experience, or allow you to build and deliver formative learning content with bespoke placement of content dotted around your learning material. It provides a fully customizable assessment player, support for student annotations and markup, responsive design for all device screen sizes, and is designed from the ground up to satisfy WCAG and ADA requirements.


Learnosity Analytics

Learnosity Analytics comprises:

  • Reports API

    • An embeddable Javascript API to provide simple to use embeddable reports for use in creating student, instructor and administrator dashboards within your learning platform. Providing a wide set of reports at a student, classroom and district level, as well as focusing on progress and student mastery, the Reports API gives you easy access to all the data you need.
  • Data API

    • A server-side API designed to provide programmatic access to any and all of your data as you wish, along with the ability to programatically create any content you may need to.


Learnosity Administration

Alongside this, Learnosity provides a management portal:

  • Learnosity Console

    • Learnosity Console is the go-to place to manage, analyze and configure your Learnosity platform. You can use the Console to administer your Learnosity API credentials and manage Author Site users. Alongside this, it provides an easy, hosted UI to gain insights into your product use and content analysis.


Lower-level APIs

Learnosity does provide certain lower level APIs for clients with bespoke or custom-build needs or requirements. In most cases, these are generally not the ideal implementation route, however for those of you currently using these APIs, (or who know you're using a specific API not listed above) links are available to the documentation for these in the API & Reference section.

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