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During the lifespan of your ticket there are three events which trigger automated notifications to your registered email address.

Notifications are received by the requestor and any other persons who have been CC'd on the ticket. Others within your organisation who have not been CC'd on the ticket will not receive these notifications. 


Notification your ticket has been received

This is a one off email to notify that your ticket has been accepted by Learnosity and is now in review with one of our support staff.

Notification of a comment

An email will be sent to you whenever a comment is added to your ticket and this will be active during the lifespan of the ticket.

Notification ticket is solved

This is a one off email sent to notify your ticket has been progressed to 'solved' by one of our support staff. It is likely you will already be aware of the solution, but you can reopen the ticket within four days if you feel your issue has not been addressed.

You can find guidance on how to reopen a ticket here.


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