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Create or retrieve the scoring feedback session for the provided student based on his/her essay’s prompt (stimulus), attempted response (response), and rubric (if not set, InitOptions rubric will be used).

You would want to call this method when you want to create a feedback instance to grade or review the student's response.

Each feedback session requires a server-created security object (Feedback Aide - Technical / User Spec Documentation | Generating a secured token for FeedbackAide feedback session) and a unique session_uuid to represent that session.

If the provided session_uuid has been saved in our DB before, we will retrieve the stored stimulus, response, rubric, and feedback_scores. Otherwise, a new feedback session instance will be saved after the user performs save.


const feedbackSession = await feedbackApp.feedbackSession(
    // security
        access_token: '5eb0cb0f-183b-426c-8c62-0ed18ec113fc',
        token_type: 'bearer',
        expires_in: 7200
    // feedback session options
        state: 'grade',
        session_uuid: '36eebda5-b6fd-4e74-ad06-8e69dfb89e3e',
        stimulus: 'Write an essay about obesity and its impact on society',
        response: 'Obesity is ...',
        rubric: {...}


  • security object

    Object containing security details.

    See this Generating a secured token for FeedbackAide feedback session article for more information.

    • access_token string

      The access token for authentication.

    • token_type string

      Accepts "bearer" value only.

    • expires_in number

      How long the provided token is valid.

  • options object

    Object containing feedback session options.

    • state string

      Accepts either "grade" or "review".

      Default: grade

    • session_uuid string

      Unique identifier for the session.

    • stimulus string

      Required for state: "grade" only. The prompt or stimulus for the essay.

    • response string

      Required for state: "grade" only. The student's response to the essay prompt.

    • rubric object

      Required for state: "grade" only. The rubric that will be used to grade the student's response.

      See this creating feedback rubric for more information.

Return value

Type Promise

When the promise resolves, it will return a FeedbackSession interface.

See this FeedbackSession for more information.

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