Migration Guide for 2024.2.LTS

This page lists important information for Learnosity customers who are upgrading to the 2024.2.LTS (Long Term Support) version.

CSS changes for UI improvements

Below is a summary of all CSS changes between the previous LTS release and this release. Generally, these changes contain new feature implementations and various accessibility improvements.

See all CSS changes between v2024.1.LTS and v2024.2.LTS in GitHub.

Annotations API

  • Added an exclamation icon when the character limit is reached in the Annotations API notepad.
  • Added the ability to move and resize the notepad via mouse and keyboard.

Assess API

  • Prevented the loading animation from overflowing onto navigation buttons when using sections.

Author API

  • Added styling to prepare for Author Aide usage.
  • Added spacing for the validation of the Activity source in random Activities.
  • Fixed a bug where spacing in the search toolbar was incorrect.
  • Removed the aspect ratio lock button for images. In future, it will not be possible to change the aspect ratio of images.
  • Various UI improvements for random Activities.

Questions API

  • New styling added to prepare for upcoming features.
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