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Author API Initialization


Show Activities which do not contain any of the listed Tags.

You would want to use this to exclude Activities with particular Tags.

Important This initialization option requires either tags.all or tags.either to also be set. The tags.none initialization option cannot be set on its own.

See Understanding Tag Formats for Content Creation and Filtering for more information on the TagsV2 format.


var initializationOptions = {
    "config": {
        "activity_list": {
            "filter": {
                "restricted": {
                    "tags": {
                        "all": [
                            { "type": "TYPE1", "name": "NAME1" }
                        "none": [
                            { "type": "TYPE2", "name": "NAME3" },
                            { "type": "TYPE2", "name": "NAME4" }


Attribute path config.activity_list.filter.restricted.tags.none

Type array[TagsV2]


The tags.all and tags.either initialization options take precedence over this option.

Type definitions

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