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Author API Initialization


Specifies Tags which are added to new Items when they are saved.

You would want to use this to always add particular Tags for your Item bank when new Items are created, for example.

Note Any Tags defined in global.hide_tags will also be added to new Items when they are saved. However, these hidden Tags will not be shown in the authoring interface.


var initializationOptions = {
    "config": {
        "item_edit": {
            "tags_on_create": [
                    "type": "Subject",
                    "name": "Math"
                    "type": "Grade",
                    "name": "Grade 9"


Attribute path config.item_edit.tags_on_create

Default []

Type array[TagsV2]

A maximum of 50 Tags are allowed.

Type definitions

  • tagsV2 object

    Tags are used to improve searching for content while authoring and for reporting and analytics purposes.

    See Understanding Tag Formats for Content Creation and Filtering for more information.

    • name string

      The Tag name.

      Maximum length is 255 characters.

    • type string

      The Tag type.

      Maximum length is 255 characters.

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