config.item_edit.item.reference.edit - Initialization - Author API

Author API Initialization


Controls whether the Item reference can be changed. Item references can be updated at any time if the Item has not been added to any Activities.

You would want to use this to allow authors to change the Item reference.

Important Unless you have a specific need to let authors change the Item reference, it is highly recommended to keep the auto-generated UUID reference when Items are created. Changing the Item reference for an Item that is already part of an Activity will cause the Activity to fail to load. Ensure that the Item has been removed from all Activities before changing the Item reference.

Note Item references must be unique.


var initializationOptions = {
    "config": {
        "item_edit": {
            "item": {
                "reference": {
                    "edit": true


Attribute path config.item_edit.item.reference.edit

Default false

Type boolean

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