config.container.scroll_into_view_selector - Initialization - Author API

Author API Initialization


Controls which DOM element to scroll into view when the author navigates between Author API views. By default, Author API will scroll its main container into view.

You would want to use this to specify another DOM element from your application to scroll into view when the author navigates around the Author API interface.

The auto-scrolling functionality only occurs when the top edge of the specified element is not visible in the current browser viewport.

This only affects the following view transitions:

  • Clicking an Item from the Item list
  • Adding a new Widget to an Item
  • Edit an existing Widget in an Item
  • Selecting a Widget from the Widget editor - tile view


// Bring the body into view when navigating between views
var initializationOptions = {
    "config": {
        "container": {
            "scroll_into_view_selector": "body"


Attribute path config.container.scroll_into_view_selector

Type string

The DOM selector for the element to be scrolled to when navigating between views.

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