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Controls the amount of empty space that will appear below the Item preview pane. By default, the Item preview will use all of the available space to the bottom of the browser viewport.

You would want to use this if you have a fixed element on your page that is always visible at the bottom of the browser window, for example, a fixed footer. Specifying the height of your fixed footer using this option will ensure that the full Item preview will be visible and not appear to be cut off and inaccessible. Another reason to use this option is to help authors preview Items that require scrolling due to long content.

Note The enable scrolling for long content option must be enabled for the current Item for this option to take effect.


// Add a 100 pixel gap below the Item preview
var initializationOptions = {
    "config": {
        "container": {
            "fixed_footer_height": 100


Attribute path config.container.fixed_footer_height

Default 0

Type number

The number of pixels of empty space to add to the bottom of the Item preview pane.

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