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Author API Initialization


Specifies the prefix for the Item reference of any new Item. The Item reference is the unique identifier for Items in the Item bank.

You would want to use this to set a prefix for your specific Item bank, to add a new prefix to Items to separate them from legacy content, for example.

When using Author site, all Items will be prefixed with the first four letters of your organization's name. This can be updated by contacting Learnosity support if required.

When used with Author API directly, you can provide your own prefix if preferred.


// Prefix Items with "my_item_prefix_" which will result in an Item reference in the form of "my_item_prefix_[my_item_reference]"
// A UUID example: "my_item_prefix_550e8400-e29b-41d4-a716-446655440000"
var initializationOptions = {
    "config": {
        "item_edit": {
            "item": {
                "reference": {
                    "prefix": "my_item_prefix_"


Attribute path config.item_edit.item.reference.prefix

Default ""

Type string

The maximum length for the prefix is 114 characters. Since the prefix will be prepended to a UUID of 36 characters, the prefix is limited so as not to exceed the maximum Item reference length of 150 characters.

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