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Question Editor API Initialization


Used to overwrite the default font sizes. Entries are separated by semi-colons (';') and any kind of size can be used, e.g. '12px;2.3em;x-small'. Optionally, you can define a display name for a size by prefixing an entry with the name and the slash character, e.g. 'Normal/12px;Medium/16px'. Note that specifying font sizes in px can create problems with accessibility settings.


Attribute path rich_text_editor.font_sizes.sizes

Default 8/0.5em;10/0.6em;12/0.8em;14/0.9em;15/0.9em;16/1em;18/1.1em;20/1.3em;24/1.5em;25/1.6em;28/1.8em;32/2em;40/3em

Type string

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