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Question Editor API Initialization


Combination of object key and array values to add option(s) to dropdown input.

The key is the attribute path of the property. See here on how to find attribute paths. If the path has an index in it (e.g. [0]) then just remove that to affect all indexes.

Note: in most cases the dropdowns show all of the specific values which the question renderer supports already, and so adding a new option wouldn't work. E.g. fontsize only supports "small", "normal", "large", "xlarge", and "xxlarge", so adding another entry for say "xxxlarge" wouldn't work as the renderer doesn't know that option.

Note: exclude_options takes precedence, so an option will not be shown if it's included in exclude_options too.

The main use-case for this is to add a custom keypad for symbols for Math question type (see example below), but it could also be used to add additional properties to custom fields. (See example for question_types.[questionTypeName].include_options)


"base_question_type": {
    "include_options": {
        "symbols": [{
            "label": "Custom keypad",
            "value": {
                "label": "Custom keypad",
                "title": "Init option keys",
                "value": ["M", "\\Lambda", "T", "H", "\\kappa", "\\in", "\\gamma", "\\$", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""]


Attribute path base_question_type.include_options

Type object


  • [optionKey] string


Version added: v2023.3.LTS

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