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Annotations API Initialization


By default, Learnosity provides CSS class names for the colors such as "theme_1", or "theme_2" so the highlight Items will have the classname "lrn-annotations-color--theme-1". If you want to create your own set of colors using CSS, you can use this attribute to craft the color set as follows: "color-1" will generate the classname "lrn-annotations-color--color-1".


Attribute path drawing.colors


  • $textHighlight_theme_1 - (hex code: #0096d7; "blue")
  • $textHighlight_theme_2 - (hex code: #f7182e; "red")
  • $textHighlight_theme_3 - (hex code: #00a656; "green")
  • $textHighlight_theme_4 - (hex code: #333; "black")

[note] These values are CSS class names.

Type array[string]

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