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Author API Initialization


Applies in item_edit and activity_edit modes only, denotes the reference of the Item or Activity you are creating/editing.

If the Item or Activity already exists, it will be loaded from the Item bank. Otherwise, a new Item/Activity will be created with the provided reference, and will be stored in the Item bank once saved.

Keep track of your Item references and Activity references in your CMS, or use the list view (item_list and activity_list modes) for easier management of Items and Activities.


// Specify an Activity reference
var initializationOptions = {
    "reference": "my_existing_activity_reference"

// Specify an Item reference
var initializationOptions = {
    "reference": "my_existing_item_reference"


Attribute path reference

  • Type string

    The reference of the Item or Activity.

  • Type boolean

    For item_edit mode, you can also pass false, will simply initialize Author API without fetching and loading an Item or creating a new Item. The UI will be empty, and a reference can be set later.

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