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Saves the current Item being edited.

You would want to use this method so that you can programatically save the Item being edited with your own save button in your application, for example.

Note This method can only be called on the Item edit or Widget edit views.


// Save the current Item;

// Save the current Item and stay on the same view{ navigate: false });


  • saveOptions object

    Options for customizing the behavior of the save() method.

    • navigate boolean

      This controls what happens after the Item is saved successfully when the save() method is called on Widget edit view.

      If true or no value is passed, the view will return to the Item edit view. If false, it remains on the same view.

      Default: true

Return value

Type boolean

Returns true if the save operation was successful.

Returns false if unable to save the Item. For example, when not currently in the Item edit view or Widget edit view, there were no changes to save for the Item, or Item is empty.


The Item will not be saved to the Item bank if save.persist initialization option is false.

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