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Add additional users to the live progress report. The report will then listen to live events as the learner(s) interact with the assessment.

You would want to use this to add a learner that had arrived late to a live assessment, for example.

This report is primarily for monitoring learner progress during proctored assessments. It is updated based on live interactions of learners with their assessments in real time.


        "id": "MY-ANONYMIZED-USER-ID",
        "name": "Student 1234",
        "hash": "[insert your 'user_id + consumer_secret' SHA256 hash]"

    // ...


  • userArray array[UserObject]

    An array of user objects to be added to the report.

    • UserObject object

      An object containing the user information required to add that user to a live progress report.

      • id string

        The user ID that should be tracked in this report. This is the same user_id used when initializing the Items API in the assessment.

      • name string

        The name to be displayed in the live progress report UI.

      • hash string

        A SHA256 hash of the user_id and your consumer secret.

Return value

None (undefined).

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