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Questions API Initialization


Sets the state of the activity. State controls the startup modes of the API, to allow for different behaviors during an assessment. For example, the initial state is applied when students first access the assessment, and a new session is created. Similarly, resume state is used when a student is coming back to an assessment, but they have accessed it before, so we resume the same session that they started earlier. You can also specify the preview state, which allows learners to view Learnosity Items without being able to answer questions or submit the assessment. For more detail, see the Help article on this topic.

In the submit_practice session type, Questions API always checks if the session exists to decide if the state should be initial or resume and adjusts it accordingly. This means you only really need to set the state when you want to initialize with either the review or preview states.


Attribute path state

Default "initial"

Type string

Possible values

  • "initial"
  • "resume"
  • "review"
  • "preview"

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