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Assess API Methods


Saves the user responses in the Learnosity platform.


var saveSettings = {
    success: function (response_ids) {
        // Receives a list of the saved user responses as [response_id]
        console.log("save has been successful", response_ids);
    error: function (e) {
        // Receives the event object defined in the Event section
        console.log("save has failed",e);
    progress: function (e) {
        // Client custom progress event handler


  • settings object

    An argument that provides a way to define specific callbacks for events related to the save operation. You should always use these to ensure that your save operation completes successfully or at least throws an error.

    • error function

      An error handler.

    • progress function

      A custom progress event handler.

    • success function

      A callback that receives an array of the saved user responses as an argument.

Return value

None (undefined).

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