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Assess API Initialization


Used to define time parameters including countdown and expiry settings.

This configuration can also be set inside each sections to define the time parameters of each sections.

Note When using sections and a time configuration has been set in any section, the global time configuration will be ignored.


"time": {
    "max_time": 0,
    "limit_type": "soft",
    "warning_time": 60,
    "countdown_option": true,
    "countdown": 10


Attribute path time

Type object


  • countdown number

    Count down time in seconds shown in administrator remote control modal - integer.

  • countdown_option boolean

    Enable the count down timer.

  • limit_type string

    Specify the action when the time limit expires.

  • max_time number

    The length of test session, in seconds.

  • warning_time number

    If set, the Assess API will show a visual dialog when the session has warning_time seconds left - integer.

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