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Assess API Initialization


Array of Item objects. Each Item represents a single page within the assess screens, containing questions and contents within.


"items": [
        "content": "<span class=\"learnosity-response question-widget1234\"></span>",
        "response_ids": [
        "feature_ids": [
        "workflow": "",
        "reference": "ccore_ccs_rabbit",
        "metadata": {
            "display_name": "CC Card Item"


Attribute path items

Type array

Type definitions

  • Item object

    • content string

      Content should contain a span element for each response_id in that item, as well as any additional description or content

    • response_ids array

      Response Ids should be provided in the "QuestionApiActivity" to match the responses and features ,and spans provided

    • feature_ids array

      Feature Ids should be provided in the "QuestionApiActivity" to match the responses and features, and spans provided

    • workflow string

      A Workflow can be added to allow for triggered events on certain actions. This can be seen in the workflow section.

    • reference string

      Reference should be a unique name to identify each item.

    • metadata object

      Contains various item metadata information such as default display name of the item in TOC.

this is a mandatory property.

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