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Append additional questions/features to the desired DOM element. The appended feature and question instances can then be stored and interacted with through feature instance public methods and question instance public methods respectively.


    // optional - if not set, additional questions/features will be appended
    // to the end of assess app's container
    "element": document.querySelector('.additional-widget-wrapper'),

    "features": [{
        "type": "calculator",
        "mode": "basic"

    "questions": [{
        "type": "plaintext"
}).then(function (data) {
    // suffixed with 0, 1, ...n if there are many features with the same "type"
    var newCalculatorInstance = data.features['calculator-0'];

    // suffixed with 0, 1, ...n if there are many questions with the same "type"
    var newPlaintextInstance = data.questions['plaintext-0'];

    // User now can interact with appended widgets through their public methods
    // Toggle visibility of current calculator instance
}).catch(function (error) {
    throw error;


  • options object

    • element object

      A DOM element into which additional questions/features should be rendered. If no DOM element is provided, the created questions/features will be appended to the end of Assess API's container.

    • features array

      An array of feature configuration objects.

    • questions array

      An array of question configuration objects.

Return value

Type promise

  • then function

    Takes a success callback function that resolves the promise with an AppendData object as its parameter.

  • catch function

    Takes a rejection callback function that rejects the promise with an error as its parameter.

Type definitions

  • AppendData object

    An object containing question and feature objects that allow access to methods of each newly appended question and feature instance.

    • features AppendDataFeatures

    • questions AppendDataQuestions

  • AppendDataFeatures object

    An object containing feature objects. Each FeatureObject will be prefixed with "[feature type]-[index of feature]", e.g. appendData.features['calculator-0'].

  • AppendDataQuestions object

    Each QuestionJson object will be prefixed with "[question type]-[index of question]", e.g. appendData.questions['shorttext-0'].

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