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Assess API Initialization


Customize navigational attributes are available to the user interacting with the player.


"navigation": {
    "auto_save": {
        "changed_responses_only": false,
        "save_interval_duration": 500,
        "ui": true,
    "warning_on_change": {
        "disable_item_navigation": true
    "warning_on_section_change": false,
    "skip_submit_confirmation": false,
    "show_intro": true,
    "resource_items": ["resource"],
    "intro_item": {
        "content": "Hello world..."
    "show_outro": true,
    "outro_item": {
        "content": "Goodbye!"
    "show_acknowledgements": true,
    "scroll_to_top": true,
    "scroll_to_test": true,
    "exit_securebrowser": true


Attribute path navigation

Type object


  • auto_save boolean object

    Enable automatic saving of responses during assessment sessions.

  • warning_on_change boolean object

    When navigating to the next Item, provide a warning message if the current Item has any Questions that do not yet have a response or do not achieve the minimum requirements.

  • warning_on_section_change boolean

    When navigating to the next section, provide a confirmation message that explains, if users navigate to the next section, they will not be able to go back.

  • enable_arrowkey_item_change boolean

    Enable the arrow keys for navigating forward and backward through Items.

  • exit_securebrowser boolean

    Enable to exit the secure browser once the session is finished.

  • resource_items array

    The resource item will show in the resource panel, after clicking the resource button in the right expanded menu.

  • intro_item object

    The intro item, which the Assess API will render at the beginning of the session.

  • outro_item object

    The outro item, which the Assess API renders after the session has been completed.

  • scrolling_indicator boolean

    When enabled, shows a scrolling indicator at the bottom of the horizontal-fixed layout.

  • scroll_to_test boolean object

    When enabled, this allows Assess API to scroll the page to the top of its assessment container when the session starts.

  • scroll_to_top boolean object

    When enabled, this allows Assess API to scroll to the top of the container when the user navigates to the next or previous item.

  • show_acknowledgements boolean

    Enable to show any acknowledgement of assets used in the test for copyright purposes.

  • show_intro boolean

    Enable to show an introduction page.

  • show_outro boolean

    Enable to show an outro page.

  • skip_submit_confirmation boolean

    Enable to prevent any user interaction after clicking Finish/Submit test.

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