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Fires when the learner clicks the "Close" button on the outro screen, after submitting their assessment. The learner will then be redirected to the onsubmit_redirect_url, if provided in the configuration options.

You would want to be notified about this event firing so that you can execute any logic in your application that will occur after the assessment submission, and before the redirect occurs.

Note This event will also be fired automatically after a proctor submits the Activity.


itemsApp.on('test:finished:submit', function () {
    console.log('This code executes when the learner clicks the "Close" button after submitting and before the redirect occurs.');


  • If there's no outro Item, or if the Item is disabled in the Activity configuration, this event will fire immediately after a successful Activity submission and the learner will be redirected.
  • This event will not be fired if submission did not complete, or was unsuccessful.

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