Formula input Deprecated

Formula input Deprecated


  • type string

    Use the value 'formulainput' for this field.

    Default: "formulainput"

  • simplefeature_id string

    Default: ""

  • handwriting_recognises string

    A string with the name of one of the available math grammar sets.

    Default: "standard"

  • showHints boolean

    Whether to show hints or not

    Default: true

  • value string

    LaTeX math to display when rendered.

  • symbols array

    An array containing either strings or a nested objects of symbol definitions.

    Default: []

  • container object

    Object that defines styles for the input container.

  • container.height string

    The height of the input containers including units. Example: "100px"

  • container.width string

    The width of the input containers including units. Example: "100px"

  • ui_style object

    Object used to control different aspects of the UI

  • ui_style.type string

    Keyboard style. See the knowledgebase article on formula keyboard types for more information.

    Default: "floating-keyboard"

  • ui_style.min_width string

    Controls the minimum width of the input area, e.g. 550px

    Default: ""

  • input string

    CSS selector for input elements which will receive the entered LaTeX math.

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