Image highlight Deprecated

Image highlight (Deprecated)


  • is_math boolean

    Set to true to have LaTeX or MathML contents to be rendered with mathjax.

    Default: false

  • metadata object

    Object containing additional information about the question.

  • metadata.distractor_rationale string

    Used to display individual response feedback/rationale to the student.

  • metadata.rubric_reference string

    A unique identifier for the rubric to be used with the question - defaults to course rubric if assigned in activity

  • metadata.sample_answer string

    A sample answer to be displayed on the Learnosity Reports API. HTML is supported.

  • metadata.acknowledgements string

    References for any text passages, documents, images etc. used in the question.

  • metadata.distractor_rationale_response_level array

    Used for storing the distractor rationales that map to responses in the same order for use/rendering by the host environment.

  • stimulus string

    The question stimulus. This can include text, tables, images, resources and LaTeX entered via the Math Editor.

  • stimulus_review string

    HTML/Text content displayed only in review state rendered above the response area. Supports embedded Feature <span> tags. Will override stimulus in review state.

  • instructor_stimulus string

    HTML/Text content displayed when showInstructorStimulus is set to true on the activity. Supports embedded Feature <span> tags.

  • type string

    Type of question being asked, e.g. 'association'

    Default: "highlight"

  • ui_style object

    Object used to control different aspects of the UI

  • ui_style.fontsize string

    Controls the size of base font for this question. Options are among 'small', 'normal', 'large', 'xlarge' and 'xxlarge'.

    Default: "normal"

  • validation object

    In this section, configure the correct answer(s) for the question.

  • validation.max_score number

    The highest score a marker can award to this question response.

  • validation.min_score_if_attempted number

    Positive value indicating the minimum score if a student attempted the question.

    Default: 0

  • validation.unscored boolean

    When enabled, this option will remove all scoring from the question. This is useful for creating practice questions.

    Default: false

  • description string

    Deprecated See stimulus_review.
    Description of the question and its context to be displayed. It supports HTML entities.

  • img_src string

    The absolute URL of the background image.

  • image imageObject

    The absolute URL of the background image.

  • image.source string

    The image that should be displayed.

  • image.alt textarea

    The alternative text of the image.

    Default: ""

  • image.width number

    Enter a numeric value for the width of the image. This value should be a pixel (px) value, but you do not need to type px into the field.

  • image.height number

    Enter a numeric value for the height of the image. This value should be a pixel (px) value, but you do not need to type px into the field.

  • image.preview hidden

    Preview of the chosen image

  • line_color array

    Color of the painted line, expressed as a HTML color code. Examples of acceptable formats: '#FFFFFF', 'white', 'rgb(255, 255, 255)', 'rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.8)'. RGBA is not supported in IE8. If IE8 is required, create a QE template and change the rgba default value.

  • line_width number

    Width of the painted line, in pixels.

    Default: 5

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