• type string

    Use the value 'sharedpassage' for this field.

    Default: "sharedpassage"

  • metadata object

    Additional data for the Passage

  • metadata.lexile string

    The Lexile framework for reading is an educational tool that uses a measure called a Lexile to match readers with books, articles and other leveled reading resources.

  • metadata.flesch_kincaid string

    A grade level, making it easier for teachers, parents, librarians, and others to judge the readability level of various books and texts.

  • heading string

    Heading of the Passage

  • paginated_content boolean

    Enabling this option will allow you to set up multiple pages in your passage, that you can click through using arrow buttons, like pages in a book.

    Default: false

  • is_math boolean

    Set to true to have LaTeX or MathML to be rendered with mathjax.

    Default: false

  • instructor_stimulus string

    It will be displayed above the sharedpassage's heading.

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