Audio player

Audio player


  • type string

    Use the value 'audioplayer' for this field.

    Default: "audioplayer"

  • metadata object

    Additional data for the audio player

  • metadata.transcript string

    The transcript for the audio being played

  • simplefeature_id string

    Default: ""

  • src string

    Embed an audio clip as an additional feature to the current content. You can use your own audio or audio hosted on the Internet.

  • player string

    Specify the type of audio player between the options: block, button, minimal, bar.

    Default: "block"

  • playback_limit number

    Number of play attempts the user has, with 0 being unlimited.

    Default: 0

  • waveform string

    URI of the waveform to display.

  • format string

    Allows specifying the audio format instead of relying on the file extension on src.
    If format is not defined and src does not have a file extension, the format is assumed to be "mp3".

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