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Returns an object containing all metadata content from Items and Questions in the assessment.

You would want to use this method so that you can loop through all the metadata in the assessment to build a list of acknowledgements to display, for example.


var itemsMetadata = itemsApp.getItemsMetadata();



Return value

Type object

An object containing all Item references and the associated Item metadata content. This object also includes the metadata for all Questions within each Item.

Type definitions

  • ItemsMetadata object

    Metadata for each item keyed by item reference.

    • [itemReference] ItemMetadata

  • ItemMetadata object

    The metadata for an item and its widgets.

    • metadata object

      The item's metadata.

    • [widgetReference] WidgetMetadata

      The metadata for a question or feature.

  • WidgetsMetadata object

    The metadata for each question and feature, keyed by their references.

    • [widgetReference] WidgetMetadata

  • WidgetMetadata object

    The metadata for a question or feature.

    • sheet_reference string

    • widget_reference string

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  • The getMetadata() method, the method used to get the metadata for all Questions in the assessment.
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