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Reports API Events

This article lists the events that Reports API provides, and details how to bind function callbacks to these events. These events are usually fired by user actions, or specific events occurring while using the authoring, analytics, or assessment products.

Common Report Events

Common events are events that are shared between all reports, and allows you to access raw data behind a report.

API Ready Events

API ready events are fired in certain reports when an underlying assessment API has finished rendering the Items and Questions.

Click Events

Click events are fired when users click on specific fields within certain reports.

Large Group Reporting Events

Large group reporting events are fired when certain actions are taken by users that cause the report to pull new data.

Learnosity's large group reports are a sophisticated tool for analyzing the results of large cohorts up to 200,000 users. Large group reports provide a browsable view of assessment results, summarized into custom-defined groupings of users.

Live Progress Events

Live progress events are fired for assessments in a live proctoring scenario using the live-activitystatus-by-user report.

This report is primarily for monitoring learner progress during proctored assessments. It is updated based on live interactions of learners with their assessments in real time.

Best Practices

To accurately listen to any of the listed events, you should set up your event listeners immediately after initializing the API.

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