troubleshooting - Annotations API


Tips and error codes for troubleshooting the Annotations API

Known issues

  • Annotations API will not be able to resume the stored highlight if the user tries to highlight a drag/drop Item in drag and drop Question types like clozeassociation, imageclozeassociationV2…(and so on).
  • In Firefox, if you try to select and highlight text that contains interaction elements such as buttons or dropdowns, Annotations API will highlight only the text before the first encountered interaction element.
  • Annotations API cannot persist text highlighting between shared passages that are being used in two different Assessment’s sections.

Error logging

Annotations API will log error occurrences to the JavaScript console of the browser. These errors can be checked by the following command in the console: LearnosityAnnotations.errors.

Error Code Description Suggested Solution
Error code: 60000
Invalid security object. Check your security object.
Error code: 60001
Authentication failed. Check your authentication settings.
Error code: 60002
The API initialization data group_id is missing or is not a valid string. Provide a valid string or missing group_id initialization data.
Error code: 60003
Invalid initialization hook selector/element was provided. Provide a valid initialization hook selector/element.
Error code: 60004
No Annotations modules were enabled, check your "modules" configuration. Check your "modules" configuration.
Error code: 60005
An invalid module configuration was found. Check your "modules" configuration.
Error code: 60006
An invalid argument was given. Provide a valid argument.
Error code: 60007
Adding or changing annotations is not allowed in read-only mode. Switch to a different mode to add or change annotations.
Error code: 60008
An error occurred while loading Annotations API modules. This error typically means a JavaScript resource failed to load. Try reloading the page, or check your network settings if this error persists.
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