Migration Guide for 2023.3.LTS

This page lists important information for Learnosity customers who are upgrading to the 2023.3.LTS (Long Term Support) version.

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Optional "start_time" configuration

  • This optional option adds an additional layer of integrity for use in high-stakes assessments where learners must complete an assessment within a strictly enforced time frame. 
  • The "hard" start time type will use the clock on the Learnosity server as the single source of time for the assessment. The start_time.value must be provided in the format of a UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time string
  • By utilizing the "soft" start time type, the assessment can be started at any time. The Learnosity server records the UTC time when the learner first initiates the assessment as the starting time.
  • When using the start_time configuration, it's important to note that pausing the assessment will not halt the timer. This design ensures the assessment's integrity and consistency.
  • Overriding the start_time option within sections is not supported.
  • See the Help article and the reference documentation pages for more information.

Customizable accessibility headings

  • We now have the ability to configure levels for the screen reader-only headings for questions and features or disable them. This can make it easier for learners using screen readers to navigate an assessment without losing their place in the current Item.
  • See the reference documentation for more information.

Math Question Generator ("MQG")

  • Newly created MQG questions will now be based on the new Math Question type (clozeformulaV2), instead of the Cloze math Question type (clozeformula).
  • Existing MQG Questions will be unaffected, and remain based on the Cloze math Question type after upgrading. However, when editing an MQG Question that is based on a Cloze math Question type, there will be a notice in authoring indicating this fact.

New filters in Data API

End of life notice for two reports

  • EOL: "progress: single" report,
  • EOL: "progress by tag" report.

All APIs

CSS Changes for UI Improvements

Below is a summary of all CSS changes between the previous LTS release and this release. Generally, these changes contain new feature implementations and various accessibility improvements.

See all CSS changes between v2023.2.LTS and v2023.3.LTS in GitHub

Assess API

  • Added ability to customize and disable accessibility headings.
  • UI additions to support the new "start time" feature.
  • Added support for resizing and moving the resource modal panel.
  • Fixed several bugs with regions and overrides.
  • Improved visual focus indicators on pagination elements, including contrast ratio & focus indicator consistency.
  • Fixed a bug with the submit dialog not rendering correctly when in fullscreen mode.
  • Improved accessibility and UI elements for pop-up content.

Author API

  • Updated support for Math Question Generator and the Math Question type.

Question Editor API

  • Added focus styling to input, textarea, and select elements to improve keyboard accessibility.
  • Fixed a bug where focusing on the Multiple Choice Question reorder handle button via keyboard would shift the position of its icon.

Questions API

  • Added a busy indicator while asynchronous scoring is in progress.
  • Fixed a bug in the hotspot Question type where selecting hotspots wouldn't show the correct selection/deselection states.
  • Added styles for the new label image with math Question type.
  • Improved the rendering of math in small containers by adding a horizontal scrollbar.
  • Improve image dimensions for the cloze math with image Question type.
  • Made the scrollbars consistent in the scrollable passage Feature type.

Reports API

  • Added support for new SVG scoring icons in the session list by Item report.
  • Updated icons for correct, partially correct, incorrect, unattempted, and not marked.
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