Learnosity Design System: 2023.2.LTS Release

This release cycle we focused on building new components to be used in future releases and investigating larger scale replacements. For this reason we did not replace any existing components in our APIs. However we actively included design system elements in existing features. Below shows an example of the improved focus state used within some parts of Question Editor. This is just one example of many places where the design system will be used to improve our APIs.


Image: visual difference animation. 

To the left of the drag bar is the new UI with the updated styles and CSS, on the right is the previous (non design system styles and CSS).

Note that this release will only affect users of the newest version of our Questions API and Author API, from v2023.2.LTS onward, released in June 2023.

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If you would like to share your thoughts, or help us with testing the robustness of the Design System rollout, please get in touch via the form here.


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